HTTP URI - Referers


Under HTTP URI - Referers - display the referer and the count. I would like to see the Processing Time as well.



So if you log into the webui > Metrics > Apps > Web > You see the processing time under “URI’s” tab however when you go to “Referrer” tab you see the Referrer and the count field but you would also like to see the processing time.

HTTP referrer data is pulled from the HTTP header field which identifies the address of the webpage (i.e. the URI or IRI) that linked to the resource being requested. So if I visit, and click on a hyperlink which then sends me to, by checking the referrer data in the HTTP header, the new webpage “” can see where the request originated from, “”. The ExtraHop system basically gleans this same information from the HTTP headers, however during this process the processing time would not be associated with the source Http referrer “” but instead the destination “”. if you would like to see the how long a Web server took to respond back to a specific URI request, the URI tab would be the best bet.



As a matter of convenience, I can appreciate why you would like to have the processing time displayed for each Referrer URI within the “Referrers” tab. I will submit a RFE (request for enhancement) to the product management team.