How-To: Working with Bundles



@jeena developed this great content for working with bundles in your ExtraHop. I’ll be following up soon with some guidance about building bundles.

Bundles enable you to create and save a set of system customizations for the Discover appliance or ExtraHop Command appliance. The following system customizations can be saved as part of a bundle:


  • Applications
  • Custom pages
  • Dashboards
  • Dynamic groups
  • Flex grids
  • Geomaps
  • Triggers

After creating a bundle, you can download the file in .json format and share the file with other users either directly or through the ExtraHop Solution Bundle Gallery.

##Create a bundle
These steps show you how to create a downloadable .json file that you can store or send to other users.

  1. On the Bundles page, click New.
  2. Complete the following information in the Bundle Settings window:
  • Name: Assign a name to the bundle.
  • Author: Specify the creator of the bundle. Bundles loaded by default have the author “ExtraHop.”
  • Required Version: Specify a required version for this bundle. If you try to import a bundle that requires a newer firmware version, a warning message displays in the Actions section of the Bundle Settings window. Note: This warning does not prevent the bundle from loading.
  • Contents: Select the system customizations that you want to add to the bundle, such as triggers, dashboards, or alerts. Click the arrow to expand the list of available items.
  • Description (Optional): Type a description about the bundle.
  1. Click OK to save the bundle.

##Modify a bundle
These steps show you how to modify an existing bundle that has been uploaded to the ExtraHop system.

  1. On the Bundles page, click the name of a bundle.
  2. In the View Bundle dialog box, the Actions section is now present. This section appears only after the bundle has been saved to the list.
  3. Optional: To download the bundle to your work station in .json file format, click the Download button.
  4. Optional: To choose how to handle imported objects with names that match existing objects, click the Existing Objects drop-down list.
  • To exclude the object from the import, select Skip.
  • To modify the preexisting object to match the data of the object being imported, select Overwrite.
  1. Click the Edit Raw Data button to view and edit the raw, JSON-formatted bundle content.
  2. The raw data text box is blank until the bundle is added to the list.
  3. The bundle preserves the version of the customizations at the time of creation. If you modify an object after creating a bundle, the object inside the bundle remains unchanged. If you want the bundle to contain the modified object, you must create another bundle.

##Upload a bundle
These steps show you how to upload a bundle .json file to the ExtraHop system. After you upload a bundle, you must apply the bundle.

  1. On the Bundles page, click the Upload button.
  2. The Load Bundle dialog box appears.
  3. In the Load Bundle dialog box, do one of the following:
  • Paste the bundle data directly into the Load Bundle window.
  • Click the Choose File button to upload a saved bundle in .json file format.
  1. Click the Upload button.

##Apply a bundle
These steps show you how to apply a bundle that has been uploaded to the ExtraHop system. Some bundles require that you enable related triggers or apply included assignments.

  1. On the Bundles page, click on the name of a bundle.
  2. In the Actions section, click the Apply button to enable the bundle and see the Bundle Import Status dialog box.
  3. This dialog box tells you whether the bundle was applied. If you selected Skip from the Existing objects drop-down list, the dialog box includes a list of skipped objects.

##Delete a bundle
These steps show you how to delete a bundle from the ExtraHop system. If you delete a bundle, you will also delete all of the bundle objects.

  1. On the Bundles page, select the checkbox next to the bundle(s) that you want to delete.
  2. Click the Delete button.


@jenn, thanks! @patrickkreuch is also planning on working with Brent about bundle-building guidance. Maybe ya’ll can collaborate? :slight_smile: