How to monitors the monitors?

Are there any methods, dashboards / reports/ alerts / notifications, to monitor the status of an Extrahop estate for historic connection drops, high load, etc between connected systems?

Would have thought it would be an out of the box feature, part of overall system health especially in a distributed environment, such as hybrid solutions / cloud

or is that a bad idea (opening Pandora’s box if you will, further issues to raise cases or more detail report of the system)

This is actually very difficult to monitor for. Because in most cases when a server stops responding, it usually received MORE traffic inbound to it.
So you have to fully understand what you are looking for and how you want to monitor it. So lets say the scenario is I want to know when a server is no longer responding to traffic coming to it. then I set an alert for no bytes out over 30 seconds If that server is active 24 hours a day. if not then you have to be more creative.
And high load is relative as well. I did this alot at first and was getting over whelmed by alerts. So you have to really work through the scenarios individually and think them through There are a couple of canned alerts like “network wide traffic spike” And “Low storage traffice in” here is a screen shot of some of my traffic alerts. The specific ones that have saved me are the DC network bytes out and the webvip traffic no traffic outbound