How-To: Creating Triggers and Bundles



If you don’t know, we are currently running a bundles contest. Hint, hint. Go check it out and submit a bundle to the Gallery. You can win some sweet ExtraHop swag and get your awesome creation featured on our blog, in the Bundles Gallery, and here in the forums.

At its heart, a bundle is essentially a .json file. But it’s really so much more: a bundle allows you to customize how your ExtraHop correlates data (e.g., create an application through a trigger), visualizes it (build a dashboard), and alerts on it (via, well…alerts!).

To get started with building a bundle, you can first look at our dashboard and trigger training courses. Triggers are authored in JavaScript and allow you to do things like correlate HTTP traffic, database traffic, etc. into an application. You can also download any of the bundles on the Bundles Gallery to see how others have built their customizations. I always find using something as a reference is a great way to start on building something amazing.

##Intro to Dashboards
A dashboard is a great way to monitor and share data. Here you learn how to decide what data to put in one, and how to find the data you need.
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##Build Your First Dashboard
As we build a simple dashboard that helps you track a specific protocol, you learn about widgets and charts. You also learn how to find the metrics you want in the Metric explorer.
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##Using Dashboards to Organize and Present Data
Learn how to organize complex dashboards using regions. Not sure which chart to use to display your data? We walk you through the available charts and discuss them in detail. We also show you how to display your dashboards in various ways.
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##Planning a Trigger
You will save yourself a lot of trouble if you plan your trigger well. We explain what a trigger is, when to write one and when not to, and how to determine the impact triggers have on your system.
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##Creating a Simple Trigger
Create, test, and deploy a basic trigger using the ExtraHop trigger interface.
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##Creating and Using App Containers
An app container is a handy way to group related data. Here you learn when to use one, how to write a trigger to collect related data in one, and how to make it fit your needs.
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##Creating a Multi-Event Trigger
Create triggers that use multiple events. Learn what a flow is, and how to save data from one event in the to use it in another event later.
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##Optimizing Triggers
A trigger that performs poorly can tax your system unnecessarily. Learn to use the optimization techniques to make radical improvements.
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