How granular are timestamps for records and events


Does anyone know the timestamp granularity on records / events, or functionality around µs timings?
I am interested in ExtraHop’s ability to twist and turn FIX record data; as well as the possibility of providing real-time, dynamic custom timing metrics for things like “Time to Order Ack” or “Time to First Execution”.

But I really need µs timings…



ExtraHop summary metrics have microsecond-level resolution. For example, we record times as 23.342ms instead of 23ms. Please note that summary timing metrics are typically represented as means, medians, or percentiles.

The transaction-level times which makes up these summary metrics come from hardware timestamps on our NIC, which have sub-usec granularity. These individual times are exposed on triggers and records.

For extremely accurate timing information, we recommend timestamping the ethernet frames upstream. We support Gigamon’s frame-level timestamp format today.

I hope this helps!