How are additional metrics added to alert notifications?


Here is a question. If I have a trend alert that looks at the error ratio (errors / transactions) over a 10 minute window of time and fires if the value is > 0.1 and
I include additional metrics in the alert notification.

How are those additional metrics reported?
Do I get the aggregate or average metric value for the same look back as my 10 minute window or do I get the value from the data point at the time my alert fires?

I think it only gives me the value at the time the alert fires. Can someone confirm?


Additional metrics are requested over the alert window and the aggregate value is returned. So in this case, the aggregate value over the preceding 10 minute window.
I hope that helps.


That’s true, but for trend alerts the interval length used here is always 30 seconds.


@rawsocket So, for the scenario above, if a HTTP 500 error fires on minute 1 of the 10 minute interval of a trend based alert, and I include the count of HTTP 500’s in the body of the alert message, I would get zero reported for the 500 count because it only looks at the last 30 seconds to pull that stat for the message?