Github Triggers and Bundles



Hello forum… Does anyone have anyone have good workflow for managing triggers and bundles with GitHub they would like to share? What would be perfect would be a deployment scripts :slight_smile:


Hi @phauck,

At the moment, the majority of customers keep their bundles on-box, using regular backups to ensure they can revert in case of a problem. @tomr may have some guidance from his work on the Ransomware bundle.

This is an area that we intend to improve in the coming year, so please stay tuned!



Sorry I haven’t developed any awesome deployment scripts or anything. Each successive version of the Ransomware Bundle has included a new version of the corresponding Ransomware trigger (e.g. Ransomware Trigger v1.2.5). The installation procedure instructs users to merely disable prior versions of the trigger and ensure the latest trigger is enabled/assigned.

Then users can go and copy their trigger definitions in the older trigger (i.e. custom file extensions) from the older trigger into the new one.