Firmware upgrade process improvement Feature Request

The current firmware update process is to manually:

  1. download firmware for each appliance type to a PC with a web browser.
  2. checksum
  3. connect to the admin page of multiple individual Extrahop appliances (also more involved if they have been sequestered in their own network segment).
  4. disable specific reporting services pre and post upgrade
  5. complete upgrades in a specific order

Currently also the ECA UI allows firmware upgrading of an EDA with a manual download, checksum and upload. But not EXA AFAIK.

This works but seems onerous and GUI heavy …particularly at scale for multiple instances and also for frequency of updates.

Would it be possible to get a process that looks more like:

  1. ECA audits all Extrahop assests under it’s control.
  2. ECA checks an online repo for latest patches that apply to those assests and checksums the applicable patches prior to staging.
  3. ECA allows the operator to select some or all of the assests to be updated.
  4. ECA advises of order and requirements for upgrades of different assest types if a users’ selections violate those rules.
  5. ECA applies patches to all assets under it’s control in order and disables/renables services as needed.

As a lower bar option even the ability to get patches direct from a repo to the ECA instead of a downloading and using the ECA to apply patches to other appliance types as well as EDAs would be a big UI improvement.

Thanks in advance for any consideration of any of that. Thanks as always for the product and ongoing improvements as well as current functionality.

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First, belated thanks for writing up this request, @security2!

We do have some enhancement requests that we’re tracking that are in keeping with your suggestions. But if you’d open to it, I’d like to discuss the topic directly with you. I’ll reach out to arrange that.

One suggestion for API-minded users is that our appliances do have firmware upgrade REST API endpoints. An API approach does requires some leg work to retrieve and stage images, but some automation and orchestration is possible. This document includes some details and example code. Be aware that the coming June 2021 firmware update has some enhancements to REST-based upgrades, so watch the docs and release notes for those new details.