Feature Request - Ability to update license on multiple appliances

We have an environment with an ECA, multiple EDAs, ETAs, and EXAs. Every so often we get notifications about updates to the licenses, and we have to go to each and every appliance to apply the changes.

I would like for there to be a way to centrally apply those licenses so I don’t have to bounce from admin page to admin page. Here are my thoughts:

  • From ECA, have a feature to push license updates to all connected appliances
  • Have the option to automatically apply license updates
  • Make this functionality available via API (I think right now you can only push out a new license key)


Hi, @powersm2. Thanks for writing this up.

As our product has evolved, these prompts to apply the license are almost always due to an imminent release of a new firmware version. Specifically, a week or so before a major release, our license server will send a new license to each appliance granting it the ability to run the upcoming version. In these “new version” cases, you can actually let this prompt to apply the license go unacknowledged until you go to upgrade firmware. The firmware upgrade process will apply the new license as it kicks off.

I’ve created a ticket in our system to no longer prompt when the only change is a new license version. In the meantime, with our quarterly release cycle, if you these prompts show up on your appliances in mid-March, mid-June, mid-September, or mid-December, you can safely let the prompt sit and the upgrade will take care of it.

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Hi @shaundavid, thanks for your message (and sorry for the delayed response, need to check these forums more often!) Your explanation makes sense, and yes, suppressing the alert when it’s only a license update would be a very good thing: we’re trying to take alerts in everyone of our systems seriously, which means we need to find a way to avoid “informational” messages whenever possible.

Look forward to this being implemented!