Extrahop Integration

Hi All,

I am currently looking at Extrahop integration with SIEM on cloud using GCP. But too bad, EXA and EDA does not support GCP. Is there any other alternative?

I experiencing slowness using AWS. not sure why. So decide to discard aws and back to GCP.


Hi @kyriepandera - Thanks for your message, and welcome to the forums!

The ExtraHop sensor/EDA can be deployed on GCP. There is an Ultra sensor option as well, which has a trace/packetstore built-in. You’ll need to be licensed for GCP.

Instead of deploying EXA, the best option in self-managed GCP is using BigQuery Send records from ExtraHop to Google BigQuery

Another option, would be changing from Reveal(x) Enterprise to Reveal(x) 360 – With 360, ExtraHop will maintain the recordstore for you, no matter where the sensors are deployed, offering 90 Days of record look back.

Hope that helps! Please contact your ExtraHop account team to follow-up on my answers, so we can best support you and your deployment.