ExtraHop for ServiceNow Bundle



####Bundle Details and Download

The ExtraHop for ServiceNow bundle provides the ability to create incident tickets automatically in your ServiceNow instance. This allows you to integrate wire data visibility into your ServiceNow workflows.


Issue: Servicenow flags are not parsed correctly. e.g. Category is not assigned for incidents correctly.
Solution: Modify line 73 as shown below
Reason:The length of start tag "%%servicenow-incident:" is 22 characters .

71 //let’s handle any additional incident properties that might need to be sent
72 if(description.indexOf(startFlag+’:’)>0){
73 var start = description.indexOf(startFlag+’:’) + 22; //+13;
74 var end = description.indexOf(endFlag,start


The bundle has been revisioned to v1.2.0 to address several issues including the above flag parsing issue.