ExtraHop Dashboard Guru Challenge

OHHHHH ExtraHopE community: I call upon thee to use thine never ending wealth knowledge to solve the woeful sins of usability. Ponder this:

I’m currently using a custom SMBv1 Sessions metric in a Dashboard that’s designed to identify legacy services for our security team. I’m looking to remove our vulnerability scanning and analysis tool from the widget but there’s not an option to exclude our security appliances. And yes, the dashboard needs to span across all Discovery Appliances.

Who can take this? Whose widget dazzle reigns supreme?

Is the custom metric a device metric, or an application metric? Can you share some or all of the trigger that’s committing the metric?

If it is a custom metric committed in a Trigger, why not assign the trigger to a custom device group with a complex definition (e.g. All the stuff I want, minus Vulnerability Scanners)?