Extrahop connectivity test fails on Windows TLS: DialWithDialer timed out

I have deployed Extrahop with F5. On a RHEL instance i’ve tested and verified that it is able to forward the keys. On windows server 2016 I’ve installed the EDA client and I’m running the connectivity test command

extrahop-agent.exe -t -server myserver.com
2023/04/11 18:25:19 Performing connectivity test
2023/04/11 18:25:24 tls: DialWithDialer timed out

I suspect its issue on the windows host with tls/ssl settings, but unable to pinpoint the issue. I am able to reach F5 and extrahop on the port that they are listening on. Also my tests have been successful from a RHEL instance, which indicates the EDA appliance and F5 are configured properly.

Appreciate any feedback!

This is perplexing. The port that the agent uses with the sensor 4873, in case that port is being blocked/blackholed by a firewall or policy, which is the usual reason why this error would show up.