ExtraHop Connect: Real-time CMDB Discovery and Updates



####Bundle Details & Download


This ExtraHop Connect solution delivers real-time network device and application discovery and updates for a CMDB such as ServiceNow. It leverages the power of ExtraHop’s network visibility to passively discover network devices and their applications on your network.


Hi, Is this downloadable now? we cannot find the link to download this bundle, can you help us downloading this bundle?



Hi @jerbin01,

The integration is currently only available to select customer’s through Early Access, so it is not generally downloadable now, please fill out the Contact Us form to show your interest.


Any further updates on this bundle?

I had some thoughts that filtering for things like LDAP, AD, DNS and other common service routines need to be done - just like in the activity map. So you only see the true Application Devices and not all the Service devices.

Also how to tell the difference between the Client devices and the App Devices when Micro Services are being used via either HTTP or RDP calls.