Extrahop API Rate Limit for calls

I am currently working on updating the tags for a device from our CMDB to enable us to do some work integrating with our observability platform for SLO’s/SLI’s.

My question as I will need to check the devices regularly and update the tags, is how does the rate limit work for the cloud controller (I assume there is one) I will spend some time digging around in the header of the response to see if I can work it out, but it does not appear to be documented in the Rest API documentation.

Update 20/06/2022:

So looking at the header there is no evidence of any rate limiting I can mange by checking the header, so therefore it would be what protections are around the Cloud 360 Infrastructure that are not documented.

I will raise a support case as well to see if I can get an answer and share here.

Support advised there is currently no rate limit, but it is coming so I have manual count to rate limt every 200 transactions, very basic but it works.