ExtraHop Addy Wins Best of Interop 2017 for Data and Analytics | ExtraHop


We're thrilled to announce that ExtraHop Addy, the first machine learning service for the network, has been named Best of Interop for Data and Analytics!

Addy takes real-time analytics from the network and applies advanced algorithms, heuristics, and crowd-sourced feedback to build baselines and detect anomalous behavior.

As our users have found over the past week, ransomware like WannaCry is a great example of Addy at work: When ransomware comes calling, Addy detects suspicious activity, alerts your security team, and helps you quarantine infected systems fast enough to stop the attack in its tracks! See this write-up of ExtraHop detecting WannaCry for more details.

You can experience Addy for yourself in our interactive online demo. Go on, get acquainted!

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