Exploit Alerts not working

I have a problem with my RevealX Appliance. I have configured E-Mail Alerts for any kind of Detection separately (see image).

Now my problem is, if an Exploit is detected (Eg. CVE-2019-19781: Citrix Vulnerability Exploit) it doesn’t alert me via E-Mail. The Alert only gets send via E-Mail if i define one alert with “Any Category” selected (see image).


If this alarm is enabled (Reveal X - Everything), I get the Exploit alarms via E-Mail.
But I would like sperate alerts for different reasons (eg. different recipients for different types of alerts).

I think this is not a normal behaviour. The Software Version I’m using is 8.3.1 1762
Edit: just upgraded to - same problem.

This sounds like a support case. I would recommend you open a case via portal or whatever means below:

US: (877) 333-9872
EMEA: +44(0)125 627 4332
APAC: +65 3163 5541