Exchange ActiveSync



###Bundle details and download

The ActiveSync bundle parses inbound HTTP requests to the ActiveSync server and produces real-time charts that detail:

  • Degree to which network transfer or ActiveSync server processing time is the source of latency
  • List of users and the request load they generate
  • List of device types (e.g. iPhone, Android, Samsung) and request load generated by each
  • Whether ActiveSync method invocations are being serviced successfully or whether other status codes are being returned to users
  • Which users are being served non-200 status codes and how frequently A sample alert is also included that fires when ActiveSync returns a 451 status code (AKA, a device is trying to connect to a server that cannot access the user’s mailbox, or there is a more efficient server to use to reach the user’s mailbox.) Details of other ActiveSync status codes are published as part of the Microsoft MS-ASHTTP spec.