Don't touch that Power Button!



Since the beginning of the computers, one of the most common solutions to any type of problems is BRB, or “Big Red Button”. People like to reboot things to solve problems, and they always have.

The problem is, with maturity comes complication. Systems like the ExtraHop (both physical and virtual) have many moving parts. Files are open and being written to, datastores are being updated, and many things are going on under the hood. Pulling the rug out from under systems like these, by removing power can cause a host of problems.

In an ideal world, the ExtraHop appliance should never need to be rebooted. If the need is found, it should be done gracefully, through either the UI, console, or shell. This gives the system fair warning, and the ability to clean things up before rebooting on its own terms.
In the VM world, there are ways to restart virtual machines through vSphere. Many of these are equivalent of pulling the power cord. In all case, using the ExtraHop UI, console, or shell is still the best way to accomplish this.

The only cases where it is acceptable to using the power button or remove power from the appliance, is when the console and UI become unresponsive. This is rare case, and in most cases, indicative of a hardware issue.

In summary, little good, and a whole lot of potential bad can happen from power cycling your ExtraHop. Please use the UI or CLI for restarts and shutdowns!