Do IT Pros Think Machine Learning Is Hope or Hype? | ExtraHop


Without a doubt, enterprise IT is susceptible to buzzwords. Machine learning is the technology du jour, promising to help IT organizations make sense of a deluge of data. But how much is hope and how much is hype?

The 2017 Machine Learning Survey Report compiles the answers of your peers:

ExtraHop commissioned TechValidate to conduct the survey of 113 professionals representing a broad range of IT roles, but focused on IT Managers and IT Directors. The survey also delves into the following questions:

  • How will IT automation affect jobs in the enterprise?
  • Which IT roles will benefit most from machine learning?
  • What are the barriers to greater automation in IT?

Download the full 2017 Machine Learning Survey Report.

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AI and machine learning are dedicated to simplifying our lives and work processes and improving certain industries to our benefit. There are and will be, obviously, certain concerns (such as cybersecurity, for example) but all in all, 2018 is promising to be really exciting in terms of new technologies and their application.