Display VLAN the Device is on in Global Search

In Global Search, how do you have the display show the VLAN the device is on instead on VLAN 0 for every device?


What is devices_across_vlans set to in your running config file? If it’s set to true (default), we don’t tag devices to specific VLANs.

It is set to true and we are seeing VLAN 0 for every device. When I onboard other departments its always something I have to say don’t pay attention to that etc. Is there a setting where it can display the VLAN the device is actually on? That would be incredibly useful!

Yep, just set devices_across_vlans to false.

I thought I read somewhere that setting this to false would show every vlan that device talks to? e.g. my workstation lives on vlan 100, it reaches out to a server on vlan 200 and then to another server on vlan 300. What I thought I understood was it would then show in the global search VLAN: 100, 200 and 300 where it currebtly shows VLAN: 0. I haven’t tried it as I don’t want to mess with a prod system.


Ah, thanks for clarifying. We don’t support the behavior you’ve described where we can show all VLANs a device has spoken on.

I want it to only show the vlan it lives on. The behavior I described was how I thought it would react.

So it is possible for it to display the vlan it lives on?

Yes, if you set devices_across_vlans to false and we see vlan-tagged traffic, you should be able to type a VLAN in global search to see which devices match it.

To clarify, though, this assumes your devices don’t span VLANs at all. If one current device talked on multiple VLANS, ExtraHop would discover new separate devices for it on each VLAN. It sounds like if you flipped that switch in prod now, it would be pretty disruptive.