Display meta data just between 2 devices

In a device view, I want to be able to show the following data, but only between this device and one other. There are no filters available in this view. You can drill down into each metric (e.g. RTT Median) and filter, but this is tedious.

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What you’re describing today isn’t natively supported in the product but we have noted the feature request. Can you share what organization you’re associated with so we can add it to our internal ticket tracking this?

@steve.lee If this is for a relatively small number of known endpoints you might achieve this with:

  1. A Custom Device filtering on a peer Device
  2. An application container created with a Trigger that is applied to the A end Device and filters on the B end of the conversation.
  3. Filter A end Device and B end Device using Sender/Receiver Client/Server filters in Records.
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@bobthecat We’ve been wanting a feature like this for a while as well. In particular I envision a page on the UI where you put in two IPs or better yet subnets (ip/mask <-> ip/mask) and you can dynamically filter/visualize all available communication (metric data and or record data) between the two using the global time selector just as you would for any other metric/record data. This feature would be so powerful and useful. Doing this in a trigger gets to be very heavy on busy systems especially if you have a large list of A <->B communication flows that you’d like to track, but the trigger approach only works if you know before hand all the A<->B communication flows and even then you have to manually maintain that list as it grows. So a dynamic solution would be so ideal. Thanks!


Emory University.

Thanks, Zack!

Hello Guys,
you can achieve this by below steps:-

  1. Go to asset–> select the protocol specifically you want to filter.
  2. On the right you can see the peer IP option-- select the peer IP.
  3. In field select ip address and apply filter.
  4. Click on the IP address and then select records and here you go get the complete transactional details from source peer to destination peer.
  5. Download the file in pcap to read the file in wireshark.