Display Intervals?



Originally posted by mibman

I noticed on the ExtraHop interface, that as I change the span of my display intervals, the values for the some of my data seem to change a bit, almost as though the statistics are being averaged over a different amount of time. Can someone explain the relationship between the timeframe selected, and the way the data is displayed?


Originally posted by: Noreaster

Great question, Mib Man! The ExtraHop solution stores data in different sized buckets. There are:

Fast - 30-seconds buckets
Medium - 5-minute buckets
Slow - 1-hour buckets

The span of the time frame you select determines which type of buckets are shown in the display. If the time frame you select is less than 60 minutes, you will see fast buckets, or 30-seconds intervals.If the time frame you select is between 60 minutes and <24 hours, you will see medium buckets, or 5-minute intervals.If the time frame you select is 24 hours or more, you will see slow buckets, or 1-hour intervals. Hope this clears things up!