DICOM Bundle



###Bundle details and download

This bundle provides visibility into the health of your DICOM environment. On the ExtraHop appliance, devices are automatically discovered and classified as DICOM servers.

DICOM messages are examined to provide an overview of DICOM requests and responses, types of DICOM Message Protocol Data Units (PDU’s), and network information for your radiology healthcare system (PACS/RIS).


During a DICOM data review today, I noticed that the bundle does not appear to include relationships for some of the base/detail metric pairs. This prevents drill downs from the dashboards.

It looks like the base/detail options are there, just not defined in the metric catalog…


I was mistaken here. It doesn’t appear that there are any detail metrics for the aborts that the client was interested in seeing. Is there a way to get to Aborts by Application or Message?