Database Dashboard


Team, If we need to create a baseline dashboard for oracle DB’s,just a dashboard to see the health of DB as far it is up and running…What is the best way to do it?



Hi Tan, from a very high level, your request has three top-level steps. First, identify the databases you’d like to dashboard. Second, identify the metrics you’d like to see on the dashboard. Third, customize the dashboard layout.

On the first topic, identifying the database. Navigate to “Devices” on the left pane of your ExtraHop and search for your database by IP address or name. This will ensure that the database is within the scope of your ExtraHop deployment.

Next, click on that device (or devices, one-by-one) and navigate to the Database tab. You can then find metrics that are interesting to you and then click “Open in Metric Explorer” to open those metrics. From there you can send those metrics directly to a new or existing dashboard. As to what metrics to choose, I would start with metrics such as “Server Errors”, Transactions plotted above errors (Line and Bar chart is great for this), Server Processing time, Throughput, Total Requests and Responses, Methods. Hopefully these will give you a good place to start and they certainly will give you a very detailed snapshot of the health of the DB.

Once you have picked your metrics, finally, you can customize the layout of that dashboard once you have added all of the metrics you want to it.

Some resources for you, I have a couple of blog posts on creating dashboards: and . The first link has a video that covers some simple steps in dashboard creation as well.