Dashboard missing Records drill down - Expected, but unwanted

Seeing some inconsistency in the context menus on a dashboard. For ICA Aborts, I see the expected Records option in the drill down context menu as seen here:

On the Kerberos Errors, however, I do not have that Records option…

I found the issue after I started this post… but continuing anyway…

The issue arises because I’m using the Active Directory bundle to commit Kerberos AD records in lieu of the built in Kerberos records.

Ultimately, it would be nice if there were some way to define default record type associations when we’ve replaced the default records with those enhanced records like that of Kerberos AD, HTTP w/ enhanced records, DB Advanced is now very popular as well.

Another option would be to allow the manipulation of the default records with additional fields and an updated Record Format.

While we’re enhancing the product in the field through bundles, we’re not able to be consistent with workflows given these limitations…

Yes please! I’ve mostly replaced the HTTP records with enhanced ones, but it’s going to be confusing for my app support folks to navigate to those records instead of the default ones.

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