CRN: ExtraHop a Top Innovator in Data Security | ExtraHop


It's an exciting time to be in IT. It's a rare moment when a range of companies—from giants to start-ups—are working to break with tradition at the same time that the market is primed for an upgrade.

As pioneers in wire data, ExtraHop has been committed to introducing new concepts and solutions that give IT teams greater capabilities and control over increasingly complex and hybridized environments. That said, we're humbled and honored to be recognized as one of 2016's Tech Innovators by leading IT channel publication, CRN. Zeroing in on our forward-thinking Ransomware Solution, CRN noted the following:

"Because speed is critical in responding to a ransomware attack, ExtraHop's Ransomware Solution enables organizations to pinpoint such attacks within minutes. The offering does that by proactively detecting and tracking ransomware behavior in real time."

While our behavior-based solution allows customers to take a proactive approach to ransomware, the scalability and speed also deliver near-instant value.

Check out our mention, along with the full list of 2016 Tech Innovator finalists, here.

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