Create Alarm based on number of connections, number of SQL calls per client to Oracle DB server



I have an oracle DB device. I want to configure two alarms:

  1. If # of db connections from any client IP over a threshold, trigger the alarm with client IP & number of db connections from this client IP

  2. if # of SQL calls from any client IP over a threshold within given timeframe(ex: 1 min), trigger the alarm with client IP and # of SQL calls.

Any suggestion on how to create this kind of alarm? Thanks,



Jimy, is an alert like this what you’re looking for?

It’s shown with HTTP requests and “equal” instead of “greater than”, but same principle.


Hi shaundavid,

That’s what I hope to get. However, since the alarm is assigned to the server, not the client. I am not able to know which client creates # of requests over the threshold. And this alarm won’t trigger if I assign it to the server.

We can not assign the alarm to the clients, because they are too many and not fixed number of clients that change over the time.