Citrix Visibility



###Bundle details and download


This bundle is the result of efforts from multiple individuals at ExtraHop to provide visibility into the Citrix Ecosystem. It provides visibility into both the ICA front-end protocol as well as the back-end infrastructure that supports Citrix. The Citrix Summary dashboard provides high-level insight into the following 5 areas: Launches, Load Times, Login Times, Latency and Virtual Channels. There is a detailed Dashboard for each of the above-mentioned areas. When viewing these dashboards, metrics can be pivoted by: User, Application, Location, Client, Client Type (Citrix Receiver version) and Server. The Citrix_Ancillary Services dashboard provides a summary of the infrastructure supporting Citrix. It provides charts and metrics around the WebInterface (Store Front), the XML Broker, Roaming Profiles, Authentication (LDAP), and DNS. In turn, there are more detailed dashboards for some of these services.