Citrix Session Monitoring


What is the best way to monitor the status of Citrix servers? We occasionally have Citrix servers that suddenly stop processing incoming ICA sessions. We want to set up a proactive alarm when a server becomes unresponsive to ICA requests.


I would suggest first looking at the data that the ExtraHop provides, and then craft an Alert based off the metrics that shed the most light on the problem. If you go to “Apps” in the navigation bar on the left - ICA - and click on “servers” in the upper right of the screen, you will see a list of ICA servers, the number of launches - load time - login time - network latency - Round trip time. Any one of these metrics can be used in an alert to fire, if a certain threshold is reached. There are many metrics here that can indicate that the server or possibly the network is having a issue. If you would like further assistance with diagnosing and implementing a alert, feel free to open up a support case on the ExtraHop support portal, and a ExtraHop support technician will be happy to assist.


We also have two Citrix bundles that might be of use to you:

@gumby authored both of these.