Citrix Middle Tier Trigger

Hey Guys,

Looking at the trigger (from the bundles page) shows a line:

Use this object to define your Citrix client locations by subnet. This
object will be checked for /24, /16, and /8 CIDR blocks. */
    '': 'HQ (Example)',

‘’: ‘Floor 1 (Example)’,
‘’: ‘Floor 2 (Example)’,
‘’: ‘Floor 3 (Example)’

I am curious what this is doing? For example, if I change it to:
’’: 'B3 North’

What is this doing? Is it allowing us to search for B3 North? Does it classify this subnet? If so, where is this seachable?

Thanks ahead of time!

@ryanc, could you help with this one?

@baldchicken – Can you post a link to the bundle that contains this trigger? I am unable to find a bundle of that name.