Check out the Bundle Gallery!



Bundles are a powerful extension of the ExtraHop platform. You can use them to easily and quickly add deep customizations to your data analysis. In order to make it easier for people to find, download, and submit bundles, the ExtraHop Web Properties team has added a new bundles gallery to our website.

We received a lot of feedback about the usability of the current bundles experience in the forums, and we quickly designed and developed this gallery is an attempt to address those concerns. This new gallery hosts all of the bundles that were previously posted on the forums. If you’d like to share your own helpful bundle, you can easily submit one in the gallery.


  • Filter the bundle list by creator/user name or bundle title Submit a
    bundle (must be a logged in, registered user) Download a bundle (must
    be a logged in, registered user) View bundle details in a
    standardized format and layout (no login required)

We are very enthusiastic about receiving your feedback, and we’ll do our best to quickly incorporate it. We’re already evaluating ways to enhance this experience further in the near future. Happy bundling!