Are multiple drill-downs possible at same time

Looking at FTP performance and I’d like to see multiple drill downs, but it’s only letting me chose one.

Can I get following?
Requests by user AND file
Requests by server AND file
Requests by file AND server AND user

I can get them by user, file or server individually, but not a count that’s broken down by all three.

IE, “for xyz user getting a particular file, now many requests are there?”

Have you tried ad-hoc queries in records?

I can, but the detailed records don’t go as far back in time as the summary data used for the dashboards.

“double drilldown” metrics only exist in a very few cases in the product (e.g. DNS Responses by Response Code by Host Query).

Your best bet would be to write a trigger to create custom metrics containing your compound data, and a corresponding dashboard to view them.