Any process to perform bulk edits to alerts?


I have quite a few alerts previously built for application monitoring (60+) and were built sending notifications to specific emails rather than using email groups. So is there a easy way to edit all the alerts to remove additional email addresses and switch over to email groups?

The only way I can see this working is by exporting via bundles (even customization) then delete the alerts and re-import. I hope there is a better way to do these kind of bulk changes.


With the 5.0 firmware, the REST API has the necessary support to pull off these operations in a scriptable way. It has support for retrieving the cc fields for each alert, creating new email groups, assigning the email groups to alerts and clearing the cc fields. (Among a lot of other operations.)

You can get started with the REST API by going to https:///admin/api/ and branch over to the REST API explorer link beyond that.