Alerts not Firing


Alerts are not firing

If value equals 0 does not alert, what’s the value it alert to ?

Alert Configuration:
Detail: Top-Level
Metric: http_server:rsp
Firing Mode: Edge-triggered
Alert When Value over 10 minutes == 0 per interval

The alert is assigned to a device group. Devices in the group show http transactions.


I believe the problem you’re probably seeing is that we don’t record values of zero for metrics, just a lack of values. That means the alert will never fire since the value is technically never actually equal to zero.

A work around that has been used in the past is to use a short term trend and alert off of that going below a set threshold. I’ve not personally implemented it, but I believe it should work.


Hi @moroo,

You can use an alert based on an absolute value close to 0, for example “< 1 HTTP response per minute” and fire on that.
Please find attached example alert as a bundle which you can assign to an HTTP Server.LowHTTPServerResponsesAlert.json (1.3 KB)

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Thank you @bobthecat! Will this work on a group of devices, to assign the alert to a group of devices to monitor http communication?


Hi @moroo,

Yes, you can assign this to a device group and it will apply to each device within the group.

If you would like to alert on the aggregate throughput for the group, you can create an appropriate Application container and then assign the trigger to that.

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