ALERT: Phishing Scam Using ExtraHop Name | ExtraHop


This morning it came to our attention that the ExtraHop name is being used as part of a phishing scam involving job postings. Certain job listings on leading to the fake domain are part of this scam, and are not legitimate postings or in any way associated with ExtraHop. Individuals claiming to be or to represent ExtraHop recruiters engage candidates online and then ask for financial and personal information during the recruitment process.

First, we would like to assure you that this phishing scam is not the result of a breach of ExtraHop systems or data. Unfortunately, phishing scams using existing company names are common, and make use of only publicly available information.

Second, please know that ExtraHop will never ask you for any type of financial information at any time during the recruiting process.

As soon as this phishing scam came to light, we immediately took the following action to stop its spread:

  • Contacted recruiting sites on which the fake job listings appear to request immediate removal
  • Contacted Google and the domain host for to report the scam and request remedial action, including removal of the website.
  • Reported the scam to the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center.
  • Shared the phishing posts and associated emails, domains, etc., with the Anti Phishing Working Group, a public-private partnership against cybercrime.

If you believe that you may be a victim of this phishing attack, below are links to several resources where you can report and recover from identity theft:

If you would like to reach an ExtraHop recruiter directly, please email

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