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Product Questions

Post your questions and product feedback here.

Packet Basics

Discussion of Packet Basics, ExtraHop’s free continuous packet capture offering for forensic investigations, incident response, and threat hunting in AWS.


If it doesn’t fit elsewhere, it probably belongs here. Questions, confusion and commentary galore, the general discussion section is where it’s all going down. Interact with other community members or the ExtraHop team alike here.


Whether you’re looking to build your first dashboard, or you’re working to fine-tune the often debated widget to region ratio of your latest wire data displaying hotrod, you’ve found the right place. Here is where you can ask questions, discuss, or browse what others are up to with dashboarding on the ExtraHop platform.


Ever need that one feature, and need it right now, but the tool you were using couldn’t quite do it? With triggers, you can. This is the home of trigger chatter from mild to wild. Watch the experts, get your feet wet, or share your newest brew.


Looking to leverage your ExtraHop’s smarts and data by interacting with other platforms and tools? This is likely a good place to start. Discuss and learn about integrating ExtraHop with other platforms.

Bundles Discussions

Packaging up many bits of awesome into one easy to download, distribute and install object is what bundles are all about. Here is where you can check out some of the hottest things added to the bundles gallery and see what ExtraHoppers and community members alike are up to.

Blog Discussions

Information travels fast, so here's a place to stay current on what the community is saying about the latest ExtraHop blog posts! Continue the conversation and add your key takeaways or mill about and browse the comments until something piques your interest.

Use Case Discussions

How are you using your ExtraHop? What have you been able to find out with it? Curious about how to implement a particular solution? This is the place to talk about it and discuss your findings.